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Sivota (which was called Mourtos on Turkish rule) is Famous for the naval battle of Sivota in 433 B.C. between Korinthos and Corfu. It's only 24 Km away from the town with the most important harbor of the country, Igoumenitsa, that is a link to the whole Europe.

It's a seaside area with many cutters and boats arrive from Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxos, Leukada, Italy etc to look for and finally find the peace and harmony that the area offers.

The very green mountains meet the blue sea and the magnificent beaches across the coastal Epirus. Ionio sea is preferred by many visitors, especially Sivota with its beautiful islands where anyone can go and discover the beaches that surround them, simply by renting a boat.

Mikri Mega Ammos, Mega Ammos, Zavia, Bella Vraka, Spilia, Pisina, Karvouno, Port, Gallikos Molos, Zeri, DEI, are some of beautiful beaches in Sivota (the one is better than the others) where you can spend endless hours looking at the Ionio sea from the warm and clean sand.

The residents are always friendly and ready to welcome you. Also they are willing to help you if you need any information or something else.

Sivota, a place that resembles to tropical islands but is found in Greece, come to find it out and its history and findings that are hidden deep in the open sea from ancient times until today. Things from the triremes that were involved in the battle those years...  

We wish you pleasant stay.

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